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'05 Moonlight Madness
     The7th Annual, '05 Moonlight Madness was a huge success thanks in part to Lou Cappi of the Beaumont Recreation Department (409.838.3613), the Beaumont Police Department (409-911), Clear Channel Radio Stations and KFDM Channel 6.  And Thanks to Pro Med for the sandwiches and fruit trays!
     Hundreds of folks participated in spite of the thunder head that threatened our parade at 9pm that evening.  Those who attended enjoyed a fresh, cool evening and universally had a great ride and wonderful time.  
     Talking with Lou on Monday following the event, he said the phone was ringing off the hook- people wanting another ride like it later in the year.  That's a great idea... what do you think Lou?
     We were joined by Scout Troops, Youth Groups, and groups of friends.  Lots of new faces!  A good time was had by all.
     Here are a few pics from the evening:
Nate & Kelly helping with a last minute adjustment.
Friends Gather
From Port Neches
Pedal Partners
Brandon the "Three Wheeler Man" & his Grandmother.  He's done this ride every year!

A family gathered
Paul and his kids
Old Friends
Billy, Barbara & Luke
Our Tiniest Rider, Abbie in a gondols lovingly built for a puppy dog to ride on the back of a bicycle.
Hand Cycles too!
Friends and soon to be Family
We're off!
Brandon gets a little help from his dad.

     If you missed this years Moonlight Madness, let me encourage you to look for the date next year sometime in March.  We are on a Lunar Calendar... that's why the moon is always full when we ride.  We pick the date for a ride some time in April or May depending on the dates for the full moon and how they mesh with everything that seems to happen in our busy lives.  Thank you for your interest.  

Beaumont Parks Dept. 838-3613