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Mediterranean Food
If you're looking for Saffron, Goat Cheese, or Tibetan, Basmati Rice watered by melting snow from the Himalayan Mountains this is the place to go.  Grape leaves, olive oils like you wouldn't believe, Balsamic vinegars, capers, spices, figs, dates, and an amazing olive bar, Mediterranean Foods:  Abbies Imports.  It's a great place to go!  It's a fun place to go too.  Abbie will make you a cup of tea and let you sample all sorts of olives, olive salads, breads and cheeses.  Bring a friend, have fun and ask lots of questions.  He taught me how to make Stuffed Grape Leaves.  My daughter and I have fun with this occasionally and it's really pretty easy.  We mix Capers, Garlic and let's say 1lb of lean hamburger meat and 1c of rice in a bowl.  Salt, pepper and season to taste.  Then we take the grape leaves and put about 1tbsp of our mix in a leaf and roll it like a mini Spanish burrito.  We line tem up, sides and ends touching in a pan and add two cups of water and then cook like you do rice: bring to a boil, simmer 12-15 mins and let stand at least 15mins more.  Keep notes.  The Capers have a very lite taste and I think it takes a lot to influence the flavor.  Garlic on the other hand... cooking time depends on the pan, the heat source etc.  Make the first batch for family.  Make adjustments and the second batch makes a great appetizer for a gathering of friends.  They can be served chilled.  Ooo.. a dab of sour creame with a little dill weed mixed in- on top- sounds good too.  Be bold.  

Abbie's Imported Medeterrainian Foods
(409) 842.2895
5335 FM 124 (Fannett Rd.)
Beaumont, Tx 77705
From Beaumont, take IH 10 West (like you're going to Houston)
Exit Walden Rd, Turn left.  Immediately past the Railroad tracks is FM 124.  
Turn right then almost immediately turn left into a great culinary adventure.

Tell 'em we sent ya!

More Info:  Abbie's