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Boogie's Pleasure Island Ride
2008 Photo Gallery
Boogie got there at 7:30 to secure the pavillion.  He had the links on the grill and covered in BBQ sauce when we got there.  It was hard to get on the bikes and ride away from all that good food.  BUt you knew what was waiting for you when you returned.  I made sure to take off into the wind so I could hurry and get back!

Food good!  We all ate way too much.  I keep telling people, the bicycle is a vehicle to do other things, mainly have fun.  Yes we rode, most of us 24 miles or so, 12 into a horrendous, unrelenting head wind.  BUt, we took the time to eat, drink and enjoy each others company.  That's what cycling is all about!

The ride would not be complete without Roses dogs, Abbie & Mollie.  Oh, did I mention?  This is Boogie's Rose.

Tom is our ride leader.  He was plagued with two flats on this ride.  Oh well, that's life on the big bicycle tour.  

Sheri had a bicycle injury a few weeks ago in Michigan.  She is still recovering but took the time to visit us with her grand daughters.
Billy & Barbara are quite a dynamic duo!  Billy had a stroke as a result of a cancer treatment.  Cycling has really helped sustain his health and added to his quality of life.  When people first meet him, and ride with him, they are always impressed.  He's fast!  If Boogie ever hears them ask, he says, "He can ride like hell!  He's strong and fast.  He just can't walk, but don't tell him that!"  Billy has been an inspiration to us all.  Barbara is his transportation department.  A testimony to an enduring love, a patient spouse, wonderfully dedicated, til death do us part type of woman.  My hat's off to you Ms. Barbara.  You too are an inspiration to us.  

Girish joined us.  We fought the wind together 6 miles out and he flew back while I "toured."  Who had more fun?  It was a tie.

Rachel & one of Sheri's grand daughters.  Rachel just completed her first year of college and is really enjoying her summer break.

Rich people take naps.  That's what makes them rich, eh?  Tourists take naps.  I guess that makes me a rich tourist, eh?

 2006 Photo Gallery of Boogie's Pleasure Island Ride

Again, Katrina messed up all our schedules, but we were determined to kram an entire years rides into the fall, so Rick Beulieu & I took a calendar and penciled in some dates for our favorite rides.  This one happened in August, which also happens to be the name of our host.

a view of the pavillion from the main road on Pleasure Island.
a view of the pavillion (pictured above) that Boogie manages to secure for us each year.

This is what a bicycle path looks like; something we are not used to seeing here in East Texas.  10 feet wide, stripped, no motor vehicles allowed.  This bicycle path is on Pleasure Island and is about a half a mile long.

it's a good day for a bicycle ride.

tis is one of the revetment roads and you can tell there hasn't been a lot of traffic since the storm.  the plants are taking over.

Doesn't this look just say, "Daddy, I'm so glad to be riding & spending time with you"?

Hairless dog

Joe Holland, an old friend, Pictured Above

 A Photo Gallery of our
2005 Boogie's Pleasure Island Ride
View of the Hwy 82 Causeway Bridge from the mainland to Pleasure Island.

What to look for:  The R.V. Park and State Park as we turnd off the main road to the park road.

Sharky's Shrimp Shack- This guy advertises like the Burma Shave people used to... If you can find his place, you're there.  After the ride, try a burger, or some of his fried shrimp.  He makes the best fried shrimp I've EVER tasted.  Ever.

Pleasure Island has two roads like this- six miles in either direction from this park.   One end intersects with Hwy 82.  The other is more desolate and ends where we swam.  Both very enjoyable roads to ride.  Traffic moves slowly.  I always felt safe.  No shade- bring sun block.

What's a bike ride with out good eats?  And this day had no shortage of calories!

Abbie, Boogie & Rose's dawg.

Rachel and her dad, Rick.

His sister, & Boogie.

One of the many possies.  From Left, Rachel, Adam, Tom, Sherry, Matthew & our host, Boogie.

Matthew Bender provided the Bang! with his custom built rig.

Sherry Baden led the Swim Team.

Steve Vaughn monkeying around...

Adam, Boogie and Matthew.