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2770 Interstate 10 East
Beaumont, TX 77703
(409) 860-5959

Photo Gallery for 2005 Galveston Ride

WILBUR, one of the Ferry Attendants, greeted us as we approached the
Ferry at 2pm.  There was a short wait.  When I pointed out the number of
folks we had in our group, he said "I've got no control over the boat, only
this landing area, but I'll radio the Captain and see if we can't get you all
on first so you can get off first."  

He did, and we did.
Let the good times roll!  Billy & Barbara Rawlinson, Ben & Amanda Gath & friends
greeted us when we arrived.  We gathered under those palm trees visible just in front
of us and waited for the traffic to clear.  Then we had the road to ourselves.

We stopped for a snow cone.  If you're a sugar freak, this stand makes 'em best.  
Find it!  It's near the dolphin statues.

It was hot, the snow cones were cool, the shade was nice.
Our Timing was perfect.  The Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream Models were there and provided
family style entertainment for the group.
Photo courtesy of Sherry Baden.  This is the "Annual Photo" of our bike group taken on the "Dolphins" near the snow cone stand.
A grizzly reminder along the way.  
Look for this near the south end of the seawall.  Under it is the second stop,
The Kite Store.

This is one of my favorite spots in Galveston.  It's also the furthest point from the ferry.  Everything from here is "downhill".  Altho I don't remember any "mechanicals" cyclists
are generally self-sufficient.  Looks like a good time to tinker.  

NOTE:  We were at the end of the seawall.  It slopes to the water.  Roll down, hop in,
I did.  You're at the beach, get wet!

On the way back, we turn left at the Flagship Hotel (25th St.).

25th St. is beautiful and has a number of historic homes along the way.  Strand St ends
at 25th by the Railroad Museum.  That's where we turn and the final stop is at the Yaga
Cafe for dinner in their outdoor cafe.  (sorry, no pic's available).  From here, we continue
up Strand St to it's other end in the medical center.  There we turn rite, one block, left to
Ferry Rd and we're back!  

Wilbur was not sure why I wanted his pic.  "Did I do something wrong?" he
asked.  Absolutely not!  You really did something rite!  You were presented
with an unusual situation and you responded with intelligence.  A very rare
quality.  He was there to greet us on our return to the peninsula and I asked
him how his day was.  "Great."  he responded.  You do a wonderful job here.
I told him.  You must really enjoy it.  "I love people, and rite here I can meet
people from all over the world."  Wilbur makes a great impression.  He makes
the Ferry DOT look good, he makes Texans look good, he is a fine
ambassador for America.