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Pack 221
 Bike Date:: April 12, 2006

Webelos Pack 221 based at St Andrews Presbyterian Church, in Beaumont, Texas visited us today at Bicycle Sports.  

Most of them had already achieved their Cycling Pin, but a trip to the bicycle shop is always a treat!

Pack 221 was a fun, energetic, eager bunch.  Sarah McRoberts is the Den Leader.  Scouting is also about family, and family members are welcome.  Notice the wee lass in pink clinging to her mom's leg.  She was wonderfully well behaved because she found a perfect bike to ride.  She was none too happy to give it up when it was time to leave.  But, there was no screaming, and she even posed for our picture.  She wins the Spirit Award today.  The young lady on the right fit right in with the guys.  We had a great time.  This is a great picture of a wonderful bunch.  The Webelos Pack 221.

We discussed maintenance of the bicycle.  There are just some things they shouldn't attempt to do.  Others require the proper tools or technique.  

Physics is always discussed at the bicycle shop when children learn.  It answers the "why" questions like: Why do my tires seem to just go flat? - or - Why do I need to oil my chain?

and then there's the "how" part. . .

To me, a big part of learning is questioning.  We explored lots of answers.

and we discussed some more. . .

We took a few things apart and learned how to adjust others.  

We discussed the importance of riding with a helmet, and the equal importance of how a helmet should fit.  If it doesn't fit properly, the helmet cannot do it's job.  

Training and accomplishment is what Scouting is all about, and Sarah McRoberts, the Den Leader of Webelos Pack 221, demonstrates that.    

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