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2770 Interstate 10 East
Beaumont, TX 77703
(409) 860-5959

Sheri Baden
     I gotta tell ya, Sherry Baden is one neat lady.  
     Mother hen.  Kindergarten teacher.  Defender of the defenseless.  Teacher of manners.  She lives the book, All I Ever Needed to Know I Learn't in Kindergarten.   She can ride 70 or 100 miles in a day- for fun, Then she'll go dancing in the evening.  Yet if you can't seem to make it, she'll ride with you and talk with you to take your mind off your struggle, and before long, you're there.  You did it!  She has encouraged scores of people into the sport.  
     She's there 44-48 weeks a year and she'll look out for you if you are confused or struggling.
     She's a beloved mother of two very successful and wonderful boys, teacher, friend and our #1 outside salesperson.

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