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Boogie & Rose
Going on a bicycle ride in SE Texas?  Odds are you'll meet one of these two or both on your ride.   Boogie & Rose Polite, the first couple of cycling in SE Texas!
"Boogie" is what his friends call August Polite.  He & Rose, his wife and companion, are the first and second lady of cycling in SE Texas.  They live to ride, they love to ride, they've ridden everywhere, and they'll ride with anyone... kinda.  Boogie has made it a point to be the "sweeper" for the rides he's on.  No one will be left behind if he can help it.  Got a flat?  He's on it.  
     He's also a self appointed seat height inspector.  If he's never seen you, and especially if you look new- maybe like he should be lookin' out for you, he'll wait 'til you look really tired and are taking a break, then he politely moves in.  "Do you mind..."  Before you know it, you are riding with your seat properly adjusted and you have a fresh burst of energy.  Newsflash:  It's not energy, it's efficiency.  
     Boogie also spends most Sunday afternoons riding his beloved Pleasure Island Seawall Road.  He's got a bike for every application and he loves to ride almost as much as he loves his Rose.
... and then there's Rose.  She tries to look tough.  No she doesn't, she tries not to look tough, but really, she is!  She has done the Texas Chainring Challenge every year (500 miles in 7 days and 6 nights).  
     Boogie says she's crossed over to the "dark side".  I really dis-like that expression, but what he's trying to say is she rides really fast!  Too fast for his pleasure.  It's really fun, we have a few pic's in the shop and I can't tell you how many times someone has said, "I know her, she was at the... ride."  
     Rose is also a patient Spanish teacher.  She gives me lessons every time I ask her to.  
     "Hey Rose, how do you say 'My bicycle has a flat' in Spanish?"
     "My bicycle-o has a flat-o" is her response.  I've heard Spanish was an easy language to learn, I just didn't know it was quite that easy!