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Fall of the Roman Empire

I have "read" a lot about the fall of the Roman Empire.
A lot.   Til it was literally painful.
Then, accidentally, about Fat Man and Little Boy,
the two Nukes we dropped on Japan
in an effort to "end all wars."

After the first Nuke discharged,
there was only silence from the Japanese Government.
To a warrior, that can only be translated as indecision.

Which means,
Hit 'em again !
Their back ain't broke yet !!!
So, we did.

After the second batch of
250,000 Japanese citizens were vaporized,
& LORD knows how many were poisoned,
by the Christian Nation, aka: U.S.A.
their government,
who is supposed to "protect its citizens"
Enough was enough.

I never really understood that,
until I did.

The blood thirsty nation,
the Christian War Mongers
aka: U.S.A.
had broken the spirit of its enemy.

All is fair in Love and War, eh?

Here's what we as citizens
of this allegedly Christian,
blood thirsty nation fail to realize:

If you go to war,
mean it!
You may have to annihilate an entire group of people,
like we did with The Native Americans,
in order to get what you want.
If you are not prepared to do that,
then let's not engage.

Not winning decisively on the battle field
every "bucking" time,
time after time,
was the undoing of The Roman Empire.
Not winning a "war" since WW II
will be our undoing as well.

Here's the deal:
Rome fought:
The Druids
The Franks
The Ottomans
The Hessians

In every case they won
by simply out numbering
& out spending
their opponents.

In every case,
there was a core group of folks
who remained to remember the attacks
& revenge simmered in their hearts
(basically they just wanted their stuff back).

Things went back and forth for a few centuries.

One day,
The Romans were broke & low on soldiers.

At about the same time,
a new guy arrived:
     Attila the Hun

He united the countries who
The Romans had pissed off
& toyed with,
but never really defeated.

The Romans were so broke (financially)
& out manned,
they fell to their knees & begged
for their own lives,
and the lives of their women & children.

The mighty Empire that once controlled all of Europe
& much of the middle east
was begging for their next breath.

What will be the fate of USA?

The same,
I am afraid.

Now I feel better.

War for peace is like
hosting an orgy for celibacy.

Christian Soldiers?
Ha !
There is not ONE position
in the US Military
that JESUS would occupy.
Not one.
Not even Chaplin.
Wanna argue?
Don't bother.
It's true.

I saw a pic of a "Christian Soldier"
The caption read: Joshua - Christian Soldier
with his little uniform & helmet on,
behind a 50 Cal Machine Gun
mounted atop a Military vehicle.
1. How can J forgive that deliberate act of murder? (He can.)
2. How is that reaching out for a peaceful resolution? (It's not.)
3. How can a Christian join an unconstitutional army?
4. How can a Christian engage in an illegal war?
5. Etc.
Knowing this, the pic made me sick.
Then, the churches parade these dudes
in their uniforms,
in front of the whole congregation
& they clap!?

If Muslims did that
we'd wanna kill 'em
on the grounds:   Their Religion is violent!

Christians are a parody of themselves.

I deny Christ if anybody asks.