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Beaumont, TX 77703
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So, you,re new to Beaumont...
If you are a culinary adventurer, I have "bird dogged" a few fun places to dine out or collect some exotic ingredients to dine in.

   It was a peculiar thing to hear about being transferred to Beaumont, Tx... "I wonder if God is punishing me?"  
     I heard it at church in 1998.  She was an engineers wife; they had been transferred here from Midland, Tx and had just experienced one of our summers.  She was also suffering from sensory deprivation.  Lack of things to do other than eat.  There was very little to do outdoors, fun things that don't cost a whole lot- requiring a boat or a hunting lease.  There are no public pools, you have to join a club, no hiking trails, no cycling trails.  The schools were O.K. by her estimation, but run down or in an area where she didn't want to send her kids.   

Summer of 2004 a fellow from HONDA Motor Sports came by our shop.  We're on the freeway and attract lots of new people now.  It's pretty exciting, really.  He told me anout some acreage HONDA had purchased in the Fannett area (a burb of Beaumont on FM 124).  They were building a track for motorcycles.  A private track where HONDA could send their racers to hone their skills or test their stamina.  
     "Very interesting.  Why Beaumont / Fannett area?"  I asked.
     "The land is less expensive in Fannett," he answered.  
     O.K, I figured that, but why the Beaumont Area?
     "HONDA has determined it to be the most hostile summer climate in North America.  This is the best place to experience extreme heat, humidity and learn to deal with it.  We can test Motorcycle and Rider cooling equipment, learn and make improvements.  We can also woek on rider stamina in the heat and work on improvements for each individual."
     It's kind of a practical R & D facility we concluded.  I have often joked, "I know Hell is hot- but is it humid" and I got the impression that HONDA Motors saw thia area as a Hell on Earth!  An R & D paradise of sorts.  He saw the good in it.  I asked him if he was going to live here now...   "Not."

Others have marvelled at how difficult it is to make friends here.  From the outside it seems a very warm friendly place, but it's so hard...
     "We have a unique small town setting"  I like to explain.  "Most of these folks have known each other since they were in diapers.  Their parents have too.  They've all had their Baptisms, first day of school, first heart break, drivers ed. classes, graduation and weddings together.  They work together and go to church together, have children and begin the whole process over again.  
     They don't need new friends.  New peoplecan be a curiosity.  
     I have found it interesting to get to know the SE Texan.  I truely can't get over the complexity of the weave of the social tapestry in this area.  I haven't had any trouble making friends, but I did have some trouble making the adjustment to just how small this town is and how well we all know about each other.  I have seen folks from this area as far away as Marshall, Tx, in the Dallas and Las Vegas airports, and for some reason, people remember us in far away places and I hear about "someone" from Beaumont that just left here, or was here a day or two ago, in many of my travels.  It is a friendly area, but it is quirky.  Learn to contribute and you'll fit right in.  Don't and you won't.

About being transferred to Beaumont, Tx... "I wonder if God is punishing me?"  
I have the answer years later.
But He is testing you.


In 20 years I have found Beaumont to be a third world country Medically speaking.  
     I pity the women whose husbands have been transferred here and are with child.  Talking with them, finding a doctor they feel comfortable with is very difficult, and often they settle.  
     My family has fallen victim to neglegence and a butcher.  Beware, your well being is ultimately in your hands.  
      I can't get over how doctors here seem to be willing to let patients suffer... come in in 3 days when I have time.  
     We have also found a few excellent Doctors here, but scars remain.