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Gear Cable Re-Route
 What's wrong with this picture?  What's right with it?  There's a Brake Noodle in the Gear Cable line!  Since the Brake and Gear levers have become one, the once un-sightly, un-aerodynamic wires have re-appeared and they make a tangley mess when you try to install a Handle Bar Bag for Touring.  Here's the perfect solution for dealing with that STI Gear Cable when you want to install a Handle Bar bag for your next tour.
The bottom picture shows how the re-routed cable allows the Handle Bar Bag to fit comfortably.
     I feel certain this was a bike shop innovation, but great is great!

Next, I have some home made bike racks.  Money savings is hardly a reason to do a rack like these.  the time it takes to do one negates any savings, but I salute the innovation.