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or Not ...
 This is certailly not as pleasing to the eye, but it works.  A milk crate, a couple of hose clamps and this man is doing his part to save our world by re-cycling.
Chewing gum and bailing wire has been replaced, in this case, with hose clamps, bungee cords and electrical tape.  In this heat, the tape is not so swell, but the rest works just fine.  
It looks like Hell, but it works as hard as the man who powers this bike.


Here's another or ... Not.  I remember making one of these out of aluminum.  In the 1970's, I was on a long ride and here comes one of those gully washers we get here in the South.  Necessity being the mother of invention... and this fender just whooshed back some great memories.  I saw this two or three times before I could get a camera.
This fender is made from corrugated plastic.  Notice the LED flashing tail light.  Plastic.

This next one kinda stinks... so to speak.  Scott Aero Bars were all the rage after Greg LeMond did his come back win of the Tour DeFrance.  We sold hundreds of these things and I have some stories to tell.  But Scott decidedit was no longer profitable to do business in the USA so they just sort of went away, liscensing the Aero Bar idea, but getting out of production all together.  So, what to do if you have a perfectly good Scott Aero Bar missing the pads, if you're a runner, and your head is in a set of running shoes?
Actually, this was probably a better pad than the bar originally came with.  As you can see, it's a Dr Scholl's insole, cut to fit, then held in place by some double sided adhesive and a shoe lace.  Very good re-vitalization of a product and again, a nice melding of resources.

We have a LOT of very poor people in Beaumont.  The city courts them by building, and re-building housing projects.  What they don't realize is what a burden a disporportionate number of poor folks puts on the health care system and the schools.  Beaumonts population is shrinking because of these types of leadership decisions.
     This is not as innovative - as it is necessary - when you cannot afford to repair your bicycle & your bicycle is your only form of transportation.  The pedal arm stripped out when he tried building his own bicycle... forcing a rite pedal into a left hole.
     Not able to afford a new arm, he simply put a stove bolt thru the hole with a nut and washer.  It is a "unidirectional" non-slip "pedal".

Is this what I look like when I watch TV?
I see my mother in this picture.