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Why Buy a Quality Bike?
Stardate January '05

     I have to apologize for the quality of this shot.  This Gentleman is from Pleasure Island.  He just put new tires, seat & bar tape on his old Raleigh 10 speed.  This RALEIGH bicycle got him thru college... in 1967!
It still works well and should be "good to go" another 10 years.  

     This gentleman's story is not unique.  Every week our mechanic services "bike shop" quality bicycles that are as old as he is, and in this case, almost twice his age.  
     Twenty, plus years in this industry and the one thing that has changed is just how far the discount stores will go fool the customer (spending $150 million to put Schwinn stickers on "made for mass distribution") bicycles.  BUT the one thing that hasn't changed is that the discount store bicycles:
-are no where near as well built,
-no where near the quality and
-if they are used much at all, last nowhere near as long.  
    Spending more up front saves money in the long run.  That's nice, but it also saves stress on the landfills and, because less would ultimately  be manufactured, it helps save the environment!

     Summarily, discount store merchandise accelerates the demise of our planet.  People who buy junk and throw it away only to replace it, and replace it, and replace it are supporting that demise.  It's environmental negligence!

     Are you one of those people?

     Did it ever occur to you what you were doing?

     Please stop that viscous cycle and join a much more pleasant one, that of quality, and the peace that you will enjoy on a better designed, constructed, assembled, functioning and more pleasant riding bicycle.