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Fall 2006 Ride Schedule:
The best 7 days of my life-

     ...but let me qualify that.  Back in 1977, when I first had the idea to do RAGBRAI, Eddy Merckx was the winning the Tour DeFrance, I was working in a bicycle shop - Southwest Schwinn - for John P Keyes and ultimately Arch Kowalik.  John said he had never seen anyone so in love with bicycles- thought I was going to marry a bicycle- he laughed, I can see you walking down the church isle with a bicycle in your hand.  
     In December 2002 it became quite evident that the futeur we (as BIcycle Sports) were looking forward to in our present location was in perril.  The shopping center had changed hands twice while we were there and it was for sale again.  That meant a move and more than anything that meant it was time to invest in a piece of real estate to prevent this situation from arising again.  
     All this meant negotiations, applications, certifications and details that this poor bike shop guy was just not used to having to deal with.  fixin' flats, havin' fun pedaling bikes, that's what i love, all this other stuff was rough.  then the build out of the new location, but first we had to do "demo" (demolition) on the old restaurant.  the building we bought was a Denny's and that aside, it made me think twice about eating out.  we carted off over 90 cubic yards of debris before we could begin the re-construction.

     A friend of mine, ben stafford helped me immeasurably with a business plan and the whole real estate deal.  there were many tedious hours spent preparing a business plan- which i had never formally done before, and among other things, he wanted me to prepare a resume which i hadn't done since... ever!  i had been the fortunate victim of circumstance all of my life so far- i was working in a shop that had been sold and that's how i met the man who took me as his partner and who taught me "everything i really needed to know about being in business, dan floeck".  

John Holiday was our contractor.  he wanted to know

then there was the move...

bike parade

floors weren't ready
dust everywhere

settling in

climbing interest rates


hal gained 15 lbs

then he only gained 8 lbs

hold my hand

it's time

i did


getting ready

getting there - setting up

the first evening

walking tacos

the first morning

first day 54 miles- first 8 miles flat, 35 miles of hills and the rest flat (until you get into town)

the first 10 miles

the first hills

corn & Margerine!

the first road kill

forgot my vitamins

high school on top of te hil across town

our campsite

my tent placement

chicago & California

the hogg trough

nice dinner

day two, 77 miles

my first nap


end of day

chicago, wonderful

translucent showers

guitars & banjo

day 3 68 miles
it's a good day for a bike ride

day 4 70 miles

day 5 77 miles
you can't eat that!
mama is a guy

day 6 48 miles

day 7 50 miles