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2770 Interstate 10 East
Beaumont, TX 77703
(409) 860-5959

Pack 85
  Pack 85 visits Bicycle Sports
Neil David teaches the kids a thing or two about mechanical work. . .  like don't get in the way!
Actually, if you'll look at the smiles all around, nothing could be further from reality.  The kids got
a glimpse into shop life.
A tour of Bicycle Sports includes much more than just bicycles.  At Bicycle Sports, we are strong advocates of safety.  This includes proper lighting, appearel, nutrition, hydration, safety equipment as well as proper fit of the appropriate bicycle.  The lighting section is always the kids favorite.

A brief physics lesson as it pertains to cycling shoes:  Sneakers are designed for stability and to absorb energy... cycling shoes are designed to concentrate and transfer energy. . .  What is "rotating mass?  Touring or "Spinning" shoes are heavy and racing shoes are light, cleats can be attached to increase efficiency, your choice can make a huge difference in performance.  Cool, isn't it?

Here we're having fun talking about "the rite" bicycle.  There are so many choices, and oh so little time to ride.  

A fine mess of kids Weblo's Pack 85 is.