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ACIM, A Course in Miracles, has been a tremendous resource for me.  It has actually helped understand & explain concepts that are exposed in The Holy Bible, but in my opinion, still a bit vague or need further clarification.  It seems religion has corrupted or worse, limited the power of God & His love, in order to gain some sort of perverse power, enslaving the believer.  Not what Jesus would have wanted.  I have found the information in ACIM to be incredibly freeing in many ways.  

From ACIM on

     In the purest sense, it is not our function  to evaluate the outcome of our gifts.  It is merely our function to give them.  Once we have released the gift, we have also given the outcome, for that is part of the gift.  No one can give if he is concerned with the result of giving, that would be a limitation on giving itself.
     Trust is an essential part of giving; in fact, it is the part that makes sharing possible. Trust guarantees the giver will not lose, but only gain.  Who gives a gift, then remains with it, to be sure it is used as the giver deems appropriate?  Such is not giving but imprisoning.
     It is not up to the giver to judge when his gift should be accepted.  Let him be certain it has been received, and trust that it will be accepted when it is recognized as a blessing and not a curse.  It is the relinquishing of all concern about the gift that makes it truly given.
     It is trust that makes true giving possible. ...  Trust that it is the Holy Spirit in the heart of the giver, Who inspires us to give.  How can we lose?   How can a gift be wasted?
     God's treasure house can never be empty.  Thru giving, it can only increase.  If one gift is missing, it would not be full.  Yet the fullness of the treasure house is guaranteed by God Himself.