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War, Politics & Terrorism
 I'm already against
the next war!

     Please stay tuned for more comments about our national current state of events, the one eyed monster, and some proposed solutions.  

I'm bored...
Let's invade another country.

We are created eternal beings...

For the record:
I am not apt to suicide or disappearing, so
if anything happens to me, well,
Shall we laugh or cry about living in the land of the free?!  
I wish people would open their eyes.

We make war that we may live in peace.
      Aristotle (384 BC- 322 BC)
That's bullshit!
      Eric Bender (1961- 2???)

War for peace is like fucking for celibacy.
     Laurie (1971-2???)

If you want to make peace,
Donít talk to your friends,
Befriend to your enemies.
(Moshe Dyan 1915-1981)

Friends come & go. . .
Enemies accumulate.

Death is a Gift
you give your enemies.
     Current Mentality