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 I recently recieved this e-mail and it frightens me to think i have been so close to one of these in the wild!  Wow!  Ya know, animals are just as threatened by us as we are by them, maybe more so.  As much of an advantage as this hog had, he too would rather have avoided conflict.  Perhaps our International Diplomats can learn a thing or two from this scenario...

E-Mail dated: 03.13.10

Subject: Cute little Texas pig

     A little Texas pig ......That was killed near Cut-N-Shoot TX .  We call them Piney Wood Rooter's.   Over 1,800 lbs, this wild boar was shot and killed in Conroe , Texas near the County Airport, East of I-45 and near the community of Cut and Shoot.
     Killed by a medical Radiology worker...
     What would you do if this beast was coming at you?   Run for dear life?  Climb a tree?  or simply get run over ?

     Yep......only in Texas !
     We were taught to stand still because their eye sight is poor.  By standing still they probably would not see you and walk right on by.  And No you can't out run them!!
Look at how tall the grass and weeds are.  How fast do you think you would be running thru that?

Another time I was riding on a trail here in Beaumont, along the river.  I came into a clearing.  There was a house, a dog and a hog.  I stopped and dismounted the bicycle.  It was late in the afternoon, early evening.  Animals are out feeding.  Cars can't see well, so I had a flashing head light.  The hog saw me and I froze.  the dog was barking, but the hog worried me.  He started wandering in my direction and I stood still.  He kept coming, but slowly.  I stood stiller.  FINALLY I realized my headlight was flashing.  When I turned it off, the hog lost his sense of curiosity and veered off into the woods again.  That was too close.