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Lazer Bike Lane

Laser Allows Cyclists
to Create Lighted Lane

     SOMERVILLE, MA Originally an entry to a design competition, LightLane is taking on a life of its own. Alex Tee and Evan Gant developed the lasergenerated bike lane. "It's been truly remarkable to see the excitement that this concept has generated, especially considering it was just a fun, quirky idea to begin with," Tee said.  Tee, a mechanical engineer, and Gant, an industrial designer, noticed their comfort as riders increased whenever they rode within a marked bike lane.  But bike lanes are not everywhere.  So they developed a laser system that draws a bike lane around them, including bold striping between them and traffic, and a small bike lane logo right behind the rear wheel. Because the laser generates the striping on the move, a cyclist takes their bike lane with them. "Currently we are building a beta prototype where we will be experimenting with different laser colors and orientations. Once the optimal laser configuration has been established and validated, we will quickly develop a fully functional unit where we will focus on several aspects of usability including theft prevention, clean-ability and corrosion resistance," Tee said. The team is looking for manufacturing and distribution partners.

     Tee can be reached at (617) 6237600, ext. 225.