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2770 Interstate 10 East
Beaumont, TX 77703
(409) 860-5959

Martin Dies
Martin Dies Jr. State Park
aka: Steinhagen Reservoir

     My brother is asthmatic and he is in the Air Force More Information.  One of his goals was to learn to fly, and he did.  Shortly after getting his Pilot License he visited us in Beaumont.  Of course I wanted to fly with him, so we chartered a plane and headed straight for my favorite place in this area, Boykin Springs.  On the way we flew over the Steinhagen Reservoir.  I now call it "mud lake".  It's huge, shallow and from the air a giant mud hole but from the ground, it's quite different.  
     It is a favorite spot for locals to camp.  It's close (70 minutes north).  They have very nice facilities complete with fully functional restroom / shower facilities scattered throughout the park.  They have RV hook ups.  It is also unusual that Highway 190 bisects the park.  The southern portion is where the Park Headquarters is... it's also where the swimming area, canoe rentals, bicycle rentals and bicycle trails are.  
     The bicycle trails are definitely for beginners, but they are very enjoyable, a perfect family setting.  My only negative comment would be that they end too soon.  They may be 2.5 miles long.  HOWEVER, if you have never done a night ride, it's best to start on an easy trail like this one to get familiar with this aspect of the sport.  

     Up thru Silsbee, take HWY 92 North to 190.  Right, over the pond to the clearly marked park entrance (on both sides of the highway).  This park is a favorite among local RV enthusiasts.  It is mostly flat with a lot of paved roads.  It's perfect for cruisers and kids.  Bring a fishin' pole, a picnic and some alligator repellant.  


     Asthmatics are absolutely not allowed into the Air Force.  Think about it, what if they have a seizure while in a flight situation and can't get the inhaler... bottom line, a career in the Air Force was out for Bruce.  BUT, while he was at Baylor he joined the Bicycle Club.  He raced a little, but more importantly, he rode lots.  His fitness level was so high, that it completely suppressed his asthma.  Lying to get into the Air Force was just not something Bruce was willing to consider, besides, his DNA showed that he had asthma, but there were no other signs and Doctors vouched for him.
     Bruce was in the reserves since high school.  When he finished college and wanted to go full time Active Duty he discovered that rules prevented him from doing so.  Asthma was literally a technicality at this point, so his commander, who took a shine to him during the college years, went to bat for Bruce and won!   Bruce is making a career of the Air Force thanks in part to cycling.

     If you know someone with Asthma, cycling is certainly helpful, but Susan Gatewood has a very high success rate of finding the root cause of the disease.  A Master Herbalist, healer and many, many more qualifications, it's worth a phone call and a consultation with her.  She uses alternative methods to address the root cause of the disease rather than the western medicine method of treating the symptoms.  Pick up the phone rite now.  You'll be glad ya did.  832 - 419 - 1928

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