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Pedal Shoe Idea for Special Needs cycling shoe
 This is one of the best ideas I have seen.  The person who did this has a child with some sort  of chronic disease.  Muscular Distrophy, I believe.  
The treatment of the illness has left them really strapped for cash.  We talked at some length about their story.  Insurance did very little for them.  Really, it did a lot, but 10 or 15% a year of $100,000. plus travel and time missed at work...  My heart went out to them.  
     Their church bought their dauhghter a tri-wheeler.  But with her degenerative muscle disease, she had lost most of her ability to keep her feet on the pedals.  We tried straps; they worked about 40 seconds.  
  I showed them a pedal / shoe combination that would help keep their daughters feet on the pedals.  The price tag was almost $200.  Money they really didn't have.  We talked about ways to improvise and they left vowing to "turn it over to grandpa".
     The next day he brought me this treat.  This is one of the greatest inventions I have seen, because
   1.  It works extremely well  
   2.  The end result works as well as anything we have for sale
   3.  It's easily duplicated by others who have a similar need
   4.  As the child's foot grows, it costs very little to update
   5.  It is a low tech solution for a low tech problem, again, easy to do
   6.  Grandpa made it.  We love you Grandpa!

     I have told dozens of people about this great innovation.  Again the brilliance is that these are a pair of her old sandalls- so we know they fit.  They are comfy in our hot humid environment.  They work!  

The next one is a really neat idea using ordinary bicycle parts, but they used a Brake Part to do a Gear Cable Re-Route in order to accomodate a Touring Handlebar Bag.