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Go See Troop 311 Visits Troop 311 Visits
Boy Scout Troop 311 is from Orange, TX.  November 2005 is their second year for a Go-N-See at Bicycle Sports.  They brought their bicycles and we actually learned about maintaining them.   We rode for 30 minutes fulfilling all the requirements for the loop or patch.

     This is a fine mess of kids!  Their Den Mother brought a chocolatey batch of fudge brownies for the kids which were enjoyed by everyone.

     Pack 122 did not bring their own bicycles, so we used ours.  

     Our bicycle display made ideal seating for a bunch of curious little boys.  It was their idea and we will use it again in the future.

     Here we are looking for the pressure ratings found on the side of each tire.  

      Do a good turn daily... Tom Sawyer would have been proud::            In teaching these kids how to "clean their bicycles properly" my crusty beach cruiser got a good once over by the same kids we can't get to clean their own rooms.

"Never use a water hose.  Use Bike Polish and a rag."

No WD-40, Light oil...

Link to Requirements for:: Cycling Belt Loop

Accomplish all the requirements for Cub Scout Cycling Pin in one Cub Scout Go and See Adventure.