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50-40-10 Rule
The Desision Making Process in Choosing a New Bicycle

     I've been in the bicycle business since 1977.  In that time I've seen the advent of BMX, Mountain, Freestyle, Jumping, Aggro and Downhill bicycles.  I have also seen a lot of companies come and go, titans fall and a few small companies grow to dominate the market.  When I first started, cycling shoes had wooden soles and cleats were nailed to the sole.  I have seen preferences for frame building materials change.  And on more than one occasion, I have marveled at where we are, in relation to where we've been, imagined that it couldn't get any better, knew it would, but couldn't imagine how!  Over all it's been a very exciting ride!

     One really fun thing I've seen happen is that Campagnolo went from being thought of as the #1 Component Group to Own- to "What's that?"  Sun Tour was indisputably next and SHIMANO was "kinda junky".  The war for best among the three kicked Hurret- "the workhorse" and Simplex to the curb.  And, as we all know, SHIMANO came out on top.  Way out on top!

- BUT -

      None of that really matters! ! !  -or- at least it doesn't matter as much as SHIMANO would have you think, when it comes to buying a new bicycle; yet it seems to lead the conversation when a new bicycle buyer enters the fray.