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What's a Schwinn?!
      At one time just after Christmas and all summer long, kids would come into our store and want to buy "sticker packs" for their bikes.  Their parents would buy them cheap department store bikes and they would buy stickers for $10. or $12. and put those stickers on their cheap bikes.  Who would know the difference?

      On 9-11-01 two american icons fell:  the World Trade Center and the Schwinn Bicycle Company.
      The folks who bought the Schwinn company out of receivership build cheapie bicycles for discount stores.  Those little kids that would put "good bike" stickers on their cheap bikes own a bicycle company now, and they  paid $150,000,000. (that's one hundred and fifty million dollars) for SCHWINN stickers.  They bought a whole company but that's not what they wanted- They threw away the part that made good bikes because they cost too much and KEPT THE STICKERS.  

      Schwinn stickers on a made for Wal-Mart bicycle.  Oh, and it doesn't matter if you get one at Schwinn at Wal-Mart, Toys-R-Us or any other discount store- they are made to order for the worlds largest retailer and they are made cheap!  Cheap!  Cheap!  
      Realize, Wal-Mart has to make a profit on those bikes- those prices are low because they have cut every corner imaginable.

      Consider a better quality bicycle before making a decision.  Spend your hard earned money wisely.