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Engine vs Motor
      We interchange the word engine and motor a lot.  There is a song called Damn this Traffic Jam and one of the lyrics is: "it hurts my motor to go so slow."  Exxon- Humble Oil Company had a slogan with a guy waving- his head was a drop of oil.  their slogan was "Happy Motoring".  So there is evidently quite a gray area here: when a major oil company calls the engine a motor, makes it their slogan, and no one catches it!  I worked for MTU for about 18 months.  My first language was German, so I found myself surrounded by a bunch of homesick Master Mechanics who called upon all entities when they swore- they took cursing to the next level!-  and who referred to Diesel engines as "motoren".  Maybe there is something lost in translation, I dunno.
     So, what is the difference between an engine and a motor?  
     Motors are electric.  Electricity powers motors.  
     Engines are powered by come sort of pressure or combustion, ie: steam engines, automobile engines, diesel engines.  
     Pretty simple, really.