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2770 Interstate 10 East
Beaumont, TX 77703
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  Here's my line of thinking:

     In April 2003 we began an epic odyssey that would prove to be very rewarding in more ways than one.  With the help of Ben Stafford, we made a commitment to move our bicycle shop from over two miles off the freeway, burried on the west end of Beaumont, to on the freeway.
     One thing that we did was gut an old restaurant and convert it to a retail space.  We had a great contractor who knew all the ropes, but that didn't prevent us from getting literally shut down, twice, by City Inspectors weilding guns and handcuffs!  The City of Beaumont has extremely high standards, amont the highest in the country, for business to comply with when any construction is done.  I will refrain from any further commentary, but I will point out that the City of Beaumont projects negative population growth in the next five years!
     Again, the City of Beaumont has adopted these very high standards for business to comply with, but they seem to have exempted themselves from other high standards that would improve the life of every citizen who lives and works here.
     The city is Zoned, so there is clearly a shopping district and a residential district.  But, there is no clear path connecting the two for any means of transportation but automobile or truck.

     It seems a responsibility, not an option, that if the city can mandate what private citicens can do what with their land that the governors of that land would provide safe alternative routes for people to travel who want to do so in a healthy environmentally responsible way.

     I will skip the topic of roadway repair. . . and offer this simple explanation in the City's defense- WE LIVE ON A MUD FLAT.  It's nearly impossible to build a stable road on unstable soil.

     At one time traffic lights on major arteries were co-ordinated.  In theory, you could begin at one end of town, drive cross town and never have to stop.  This saved precious gas, time, frustration and wear and tear on the citizens cars and most importantly, reduced emissions and it did.  We need that again.
     Another thing that the City has appearently overlooked is the bicycle as a mode of transportation.  Again as I drove on Lucas and saw how wide the road is, I thought how simple it would be to make the middle 12-18" narrower, and make the outside lane narrower by the same amount with a stripe and designate a cycling path.  A few signs:

Share the Road
Watch for Bicycles
Yeild to Bicycles

Would make for a nice reminder to motorists to be courteous.